Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kenya Visit

It's been one month, since I came to Kenya. Well.. this is my first visit not only to Kenya, but also for this part of the world, Africa. It is a whole new and exciting experience for me to meet and work with people who are from a different culture than mine. So I thought of sharing my experiences, views and most importantly, the travel records through this blog.

Kenya is an East African country, which is bordered by Indian ocean, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia. The area of the country is 580,000, where it house to nearly 40mn people. It's a multicultural country where there are people from 42 different cultures and tribes.

Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, and one of the major cities in East African region. Geographically it is situated nearly 6000ft above see level. Thus you can experience cool weather, (somewhat similar to Nuwara Eliya). Few weeks back it had been really cold, but now its getting warmer. But as I learnt it doesn't go beyond 25 C. Although it doesn't have four seasons, it has a cold warm and rainy season. Generally the rainy season is from April to June and from October to December. From July to August it is the cold season and the hot season starts from February to March. But this climate changes when it comes to coastal cities like 'Mombasa' where we can experience much hot and humid weather.

Kenya has one of the booming economies in the African region. Signs of development is clearly visible from the new constructions that are coming up every day. Tourism plays a major part of their economy and world famous for its national parks and safaris.

I will share more about Nairobi and it's life style in my next post.